Wifi Solutions

Infome Technologies LLC is one of the leading providers of enterprise Wi-Fi solutions with a highly successful track record across both public and private sector organisations.
Infome Technologies LLC provide to the clients with flexible and scalable wireless network solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our first-class business support services and have a proven track record of working alongside a varied range of clients.
Infome Technologies LLC offer simple, effective solutions and have the experience in-house to adapt to your internal set-up to get the best out of your current infrastructure, or help migrate it in part or in whole to the cloud. We always look to adapt our products to support your systems, not the other way around. Our ethos is to put clients first, so our knowledgeable staff are always available to discuss you current set-up, needs and requirements.


  • Increased Mobility, Productivity, Scalability &Enabling BYOD.
  • Consistent, reliable connectivity that no other Wi-Fi vendor matches
  • Two to four times the coverage using fewer access points
  • Low packet loss and high RF performance
  • A safer environment with less interference, through "eco-friendly"adaptive signal technology system self-healing capabilities.
  • Smart antennas and QoS support voice, video and data traffic
  • easy wizard and menu driven interfaces for ease of use
  • Up to WPA2/AES with integration to Active Directory and Radius
  • support for mesh where Ethernet is not available
  • automatically manages RF channel and power
  • including advanced features such as controlled Guest access
  • Per user key removes the major limitation of this type of security


Wireless bridge links add capacity to any network and provides an inherently flexible and scalable alternative to expensive fiber or low data rate leased lines - and can be installed in a fraction of the time.

Wireless bridge applications

Typical wireless bridge applications can vary in requirements and in environments. We have listed a few below;
  • Connecting two or more buildings together to provide a single network
  • To install a CCTV network
  • To obtain high speed connectivity
  • Where connecting multiple sites with leased lines is not an option
  • To replace leased lines with a lower cost of ownership alternative
  • To provide a temporary site link
  • To have a disaster recovery link in mission critical networks


  • Ease of management - Take control of managing your own wireless network, or take a full management support package from INFOME
  • Security - Networks are implemented with the latest security standards to maximize network security
  • Reliable coverage - Guaranteed 100% coverage ensuring users always have the ability to connect anywhere within the zones
  • Leading hardware - Providing technology from leading manufactures provides reliable equipment


  • Simply better connections for mobile devices
  • Real-time location tracking for asset management and inventory control
  • Double capacity, double coverage with fewer access points
  • Remote management of access points
  • Highly secure network
  • Heated access points for fluctuating environments


  • Guests using Wi-Fi will share and promote your hotel on social media.
  • Offer promotions and updates through a guest portal.
  • Provide more efficient ways to interact with guests.
  • Better promotion decisions through collected analytics.
  • Wireless point of sale systems can allow staff to take orders for foods and other amenities at poolside and around the property


  • Single converged Wi-Fi for employee, operations and fan-facing needs
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Simplified administration and management


  • Consistent, reliable connectivity to doctors and nurses equipped with Voice over IP (VoIP) badges and phones, PDAs, laptops, and handheld tablet PCs.
  • HIPAA compliance, through standard 802.1x, WPA (PSK) and WPA-2 (AES) security, plus automatic wireless setting and encryption key security
  • Support for electronic medical records (EMR) software, for providing updated patient information, and reducing prescription and treatment errors
  • Time-saving patient scheduling and forms completion, with access to billing and practice management applications from anywhere
  • Less interference, through "eco-friendly" adaptive signal technology
  • Central management with simplified network administration
  • Outstanding cost-effectiveness


  • Automated manufacturing robots
  • VoIP phones and badges
  • Unmanned produce vehicles
  • Wireless printing on production floor
  • Inventory scanners

The next steps to having a Wi-Fi solution

  • Call INFOME to receive a free consultation (+97143546020)
  • Provide site plans/floor plans to receive a proposed system design and budgetary no-obligation quote
  • Arrange for a site survey to receive a guaranteed coverage system design
  • Book a Wi-Fi installations date supplied by our in-house certified engineers
  • Confirmation site survey to ensure 100% coverage, apply optimizations and network topology
  • Optional on-site training for network staff