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Time Attendance Access Control Solutions Dubai

Infome technology  offers Time Attendance Access Control in Dubai, UAE and Middle East for capturing and processing workforce related data.
The most basic benefit to your business is that less time will be spent, both by employees and HR, tracking, recording and processing their time spent working each day, week and month. By upgrading, some businesses cut their time calculating payroll each month by up to 70%. Employees can focus on their respective jobs, rather than the additional task of accounting for themselves.
Time theft can include everything from taking a longer lunch than allotted or clocking in for a friend when they’re late to work, otherwise known as “buddy punching.” The American Payroll Association estimates that over 75% of businesses lose money from buddy punching. Whether intentional or innocuous, time theft can be costly, and automated time and attendance systems prevent it altogether.
Nobody is perfect, not even if they have a calculator, spreadsheet or another computation device handy. Even the most accurate typist makes one mistake for every 300 keystrokes.  One misplaced digit or decimal can lead to accounting errors that need to be corrected, or worse, are left uncorrected and can affect your bottom line negatively.
Merely sorting through, organizing and processing paperwork can be time-consuming. Additionally, the cost of replenishing the items needed to maintain an old time and attendance system, paper, pens/pencils, printer ink and toner, etc. can be prohibitive in the long run

Time Attendance Access Control

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ZK Access Systems are built on flexible, open technology to provide management, real-time monitoring, and control of your access control system—all from a browser, with no additional software to install. Our secure Web-hosted infrastructure and centralized online administration reduce your IT costs and allow you to easily manage all of your access points in a single location. C3-100’s versatile design features take care of present and future needs with ease and efficiency. It is one of the most rugged and reliable controllers on the market, with a multitude of built-in features. The C3-100 can communicate at 38.4 Kbps via RS-485 configuration or Ethernet TCP/IP networks. It can store up to 30,000 cardholders.  

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