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Infome Technologies LLC is a leading provider of data recovery solutions for Hard Drives and External USB Drives. Regardless of the type of failure, our professional data recovery tea can recover your data promptly and efficiently, irrespective of the make, brand and operating system. Our experts apply the most recent specialized technology to quickly and securely recover your precious data. We are well equipped and experienced to handle the most complicated mechanical/physical issues apart from the logical, electronic and firmware failures

If you are dealing with the similar issues, don’t get panic!, we will get it back. We are data recovery technicians and regularly retrieve deleted files from the given computer disasters, they are:

  • Accidently files get deleted or corrupted
  • Hard disk failure due to low power supply or head crash.
  • Reinstallation of OS or different OS has been installed.
  • Disk get formatted or overwritten with the Ghost image.
  • Damaged or deleted MBR.
  • Disk not spinning or physical damage.

Data Recovery from a hard disk with damaged heads (Clicking)

hard2If your hard disk is making any unusual clicking, ticking, knocking or unusual sounds, unplug the power cable from the hard drive and leave it off to prevent further damage. In most cases a hard disk will develop this ‘click of death’ sound as a result of shock, overheating, wear & tear of the heads or a defect with the disk. It’s a very common problem. Most of the time the clicking disks are from Laptops that have been dropped or knocked around, or that always feel very hot. It’s also common for this problem to occur with an external hard disk drive that has been dropped or overheated. Desktop and Server disks also have this problem very frequently but it is not as common as laptop and external hard disk drives as they are generally not moved around as much. InfoME Data Recovery services can still recover the data. As long as the disk platters inside your drive are not scratched, there is always a good chance that we can recover the data for you. We are equipped with CLEAN ROOM facility with highly qualified engineers and certified tools to handle the head and motor related mechanical issues.

Data Recovery from Encrypted Hard Drive

hard3InfoME Data Recovery Services can recovery data even if the damaged drive is encrypted. If the hard drive is encrypted, a user key or decryption password is required; many firms are comfortable providing passwords. However, this is not always the case. For some firms,providing this information to an outside vendor, such as a data recovery provider, is against their security policy. In these situations, a successful recovery is still possible. The data can be left in its encrypted form throughout the entire process. In this case, the data will be recovered and sent back to the client in its encrypted form; however, the specific results will be unknown until the files are opened by someone with access to the encryption key. Ultimately, this limits the ability for a data recovery provider to communicate the success of the recovery until the recovered data is delivered and opened.

System / BIOS Fails to Recognize Drive:

When a drive is not recognized by your computer, this generally indicates a problem with your drive, not your computer. However, the best first step is to test your drive with another computer. If this test fails and your drive still isn’t recognized, there is an issue with the drive.

Most likely it is a mechanical failure requiring professional services to extract the data from the disk. Computer Crashes:

hard4If your computer is regularly experiencing a blue-screen or is randomly rebooting, crashing, or otherwise failing to reboot, you may have an issue with your drive. If the crashing happens especially at times when the computers is accessing large files (such as during the boot sequence), it may indicate a problem with your drive.

Really Slow Access Times:

When it is taking your computer a long time to perform simple tasks, like opening a folder in Windows Explorer or emptying trash, your computer’s drive is likely failing. These symptoms are almost always followed by drive failure (usually within a month or two). If your computer’s hard drive has been accessing files slowly, though, for several months, you may want to consider uninstalling your operating system and reinstalling it. If you experience any of the symptoms noted here and suspect a hard drive failure, it’s best to shut down the drive immediately and contact the InfoME Data Recovery experts as soon as possible.

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