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Avaya Telephone Systems and Phones in Dubai, Abu dhabi and UAE

Avaya smartphones, multimedia devices and conferencing systems, can step up collaboration and productivity while incorporate future innovation. Avaya help you bring consumer technology to the employee desktop in a way that makes sense for your business. Infome is the best PABX and Telephone system provider in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Africa. We are the authorized partners of avaya devices and phones. We deliver all ranges of avaya devices and phones. Contact us to get expert support and best deals.

Avaya IP Office is a dynamic telecommunications solution for small and large enterprises.
Avaya IP Office is a versatile communications solution that combines the reliability and ease of a traditional telephony system with the applications and advantages of an IP telephony solution. This converged communications solution can help businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service.Avaya IP Office is a telecommunications platform that can be perfect for businesses as small as 5 employees or as large as 3,000 employees. Currently, over 600,000 businesses globally rely on Avaya IP Office to get business done. The system is designed to function at a single site or multiple sites to accommodate remote workers. Avaya IP Office allows for easy, intuitive collaboration between your employees and customers.

IP Office J100 Series IP Phones

Avaya's J100 Series enhances the desktop users experience with a portfolio of feature-rich endpoints. Modernize your desktop experience with the latest generation of Avaya SIP-based office phones with Bluetooth and Wi-fi capabilities. These high quality phones are designed to last a long time. Secure, reliable, basic voice communications, the Avaya J100 series IP office phones, transform the professional desktop experience.

IP Office Cordless IP Phones

Avaya has several models of wireless IP phones that work with the IP Office platform. From the new 3700 series which run from economical to the 3725 featuring a color display to the executive-styled 3616 to the industrialized version 3626, Avaya's cordless IP phones for IP office give you the mobility and performance you need to run your business efficiently.

Avaya Cordless Phones

Avaya has several models of wireless phones that work with the IP Office platform. Each of them has the features needed for modern business communications. From the executive-styled 3616 to the industrialized version 3626, Avaya's cordless phones for IP offices give you the mobility and performance you need to run your business efficiently.

Panasonic PBX & phones in Dubai, Abu dhabi and UAE

Panasonic PBX offers a wide range of office communication systems. Panasonic have developed extensive communication technologies for new infrastructure applications, and key devices for imaging processes which are all designed to help businesses run smoothly. Infome is an authorized partner of panasonic pbx & phones in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Africa. Contact us to get best support and deals. Our experts are available at your service.
Panasonic Phone System with combined advantages of traditional telephone systems with ip telephony. Panasonic Phone Systems offer business friendly features and functionality and also the capability to handle all your communication needs. Panasonic analogue telephone systems permit you to migrate to IP phone systems gradually. With a flexible call management along with a varied terminal line-up, this Panasonic office phone system is the right solution for wireless communication needs. Panasonic Phone systems centralize the management of business communications and therefore costs are usually reduced and efficiency improved.When it comes to hybrid digital phone systems it is Packed with advanced applications and features. The hybrid PBX digital systems offer an industry-leading mixture of reliable PBX products along with IP technology, providing a competent and versatile selection of wireless and wired communications systems.

Yeastar IP PBX in Dubai

Yeastar delivers flexible telephony interface customization and efficient office communication to SMB. Yeastar Telephone System is a highly scalable, reliable, and capable system responding to SMB’s needs of a straightforward and smart business communication platform. Infome is the leading telephone system provider/supplier in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Africa at the best price. We offer highly professional PBX telephone system installation & maintenance. We are the authorized partner of Yeastar IP PBX.
Yeastar makes sure your choice of phones interoperates with P-Series PBX System, S-Series VoIP PBX, K2 IP-PBX and Yeastar Cloud PBX, perfectly. The following SIP Phones/IP Phones have been tested with P-Series PBX System, S-Series VoIP PBX, Yeastar Cloud PBX, and K2 IP-PBX. The supported IP phones can either be configured on the IP phones’ web configuration panel or alternatively be provisioned from the Web interface of Yeastar PBX.

Yeastar PBX Advance Features

  • Combine multiple offices into a single network of one company by putting every branch office and connecting with one another while keeping a unified numbering plan.
  • Use it like a PBX for your branch by connecting via IP PBX using the central office Organize remote workstations via the Internet – the staff at home, remote outlets, warehouses, etc.
  • Saving on mobile calls via GSM modules embedded into which to insert the SIM card with great (corporate) rates.
  • Take advantage of the digital line E1 (PRI LINE/BRI LINE] and sip trunking

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