who we are

Reach your performance expectations with InfoME Technologies

INFOME TECHNOLOGIES LLC is a full-service communications technology integration and security solutions company based in Dubai, UAE. From the time when walkie-talkies were cutting-edge, to the sophisticated communication technology we take for granted today, INFOME has always strived to offer cost-effective, innovative, cutting-edge technology and solutions.

At the forefront of pioneering change, INFOME represents some of the leading names in global communications, whilst INFOME’s local presence continues to give it a strong edge in customer service support and maintenance.
At INFOME TECHNOLOGIES, we understand the rapidly converging information and communications technology marketplace and the need to deliver cost-effective, highly customized solutions with local, round the clock, product support.
It is always difficult to predict the future. The rapid growth rate of technology lends itself to only the most general speculation. The reality, however, promises to be even more startling than any predication could be.
New technologies in the communications field and the evolution of existing technologies look set to continue at a momentous pace. The only thing we can predict with any certainty is that in the future, as in today, INFOME will use its vast experience and vision to maintain its continued growth.
It is a future and challenge that we at INFOME look forward to with both confidences.